Celebrating the new Doctify logo

This month, we have refreshed the Doctify brand identity, which has included the introduction of a new logo. We are incredibly proud of the design, and can’t wait to share what it represents with you. 

The evolution of Doctify

Since Doctify launched in 2016, we’ve had a few logo iterations.

Each one has been – and remains – important to us. They are milestones that remind us of how far we’ve come on our mission to build a global healthcare review platform.

Our previous logo was designed by one of our initial investors, so has real sentimental value to us. It represents their faith in Doctify and our joint dedication to improving healthcare. When deciding to give the logo a refresh, we knew that we didn’t want to tear it down and start again. We wanted it to evolve, just as Doctify has grown over the years.

Our brand new logo

When mapping out the new design, we knew it had to align with our values, vision and mission. It needed to capture:

  • The digital innovation we bring to healthcare
  • Our position as a trusted source for patient reviews and healthcare information
  • Our mission to become the first global healthcare review platform trusted by patients and providers everywhere

Let’s take a look at what’s changed…

The colours

The combination of green and blue perfectly complements our position as a trusted healthtech company. Green is part of our legacy. It is synonymous with health and is the colour we have chosen to represent the patient voice. The green is now accompanied by blue, representing knowledge, safety and responsibility.

Doctify is relied upon within the healthcare space, and our new logo honours the trust that people have in us. Patients feel confident in coming to our platform to find clinicians. And, healthcare providers count on the feedback they collect through Doctify to drive improvements in their care.  

The accessibility

Accessibility is so important, and it’s something that we hadn’t managed to achieve with our previous logo. Our new palette, typography and font size provides every person using Doctify with an honest, user-friendly and compassionate experience.

The vibrancy

We’ve turned the dial up on the brightness. We are a modern, innovative company. What we are doing now and what we set out to achieve in the future is incredibly bold. Our new logo reflects that we are the catalyst, creator and solution for improved patient-centric care.

The merging of two hearts and two colours

The Doctify platform brings our two audiences together. We help patients to find and access the best specialists. And, we support clinicians in giving their patients a voice.

The merging of the colours and the hearts reflects this unity and connection that our platform helps to facilitate. It is also a compassionate symbol of warmth and supportiveness. We are a safe and reliable place where patients and providers can build better relationships with one another.

The hearts are also a symbol of compassion, enthusiasm and excitement. At Doctify, we are incredibly devoted to driving improvements in healthcare, and we want our logo to show this to the patients and providers we support.

The Doctify apple

The two hearts come together to form an apple, a symbol synonymous with Doctify.

A representation of wisdom, life and good health, the apple symbolises what is – and always has been – at the core of Doctify. A desire to help people. Our platform puts health first, supporting people so that they can gain access to the best level of care.

Over the next few weeks, we will be revealing even more of our new brand refresh. This will include our newly defined brand values and our mission for the future. Keep an eye on our platform and we’ll keep you updated in our blog.