Introducing our brand values

At Doctify, we are going through an exciting period of growth and expansion. So, it felt like the right time to refresh our brand identity to ensure it embodies our ambitious mission ahead. As part of this transformation, we have revisited our brand values.

As the lifeblood running through the heart of Doctify, our values have to exemplify our beliefs and winning behaviours. The five values that we have chosen epitomise what exists at the very core of Doctify. We want to add trust and transparency into healthcare so that patient care is improved across the globe. Each new value exemplifies what we have seen in the healthcare industry. For clinicians to deliver the very best healthcare, continuous learning and reflection, teamwork and the open sharing of expertise are required. At Doctify, we adopt these very same principles.

Our new values perfectly demonstrate what we believe in, how we work and who we are as a team. As foundations of the Doctify brand, they will push us forward on our mission and support us as we continue to strengthen our first-class team.

Our brand values

Trust and transparency

As we work to achieve greater levels of trust and transparency across healthcare, we lead by example. We are open, honest and trustworthy. We want patients and healthcare providers to always have complete confidence in the verified reviews they read on our platform.

Meaningful hard work

The healthcare sector is full of truly dedicated people who deserve to be celebrated. We value and embody this enthusiasm and commitment. As a team, we are ambitious, we embrace change and are quick to adapt to new opportunities. We are building a company that we are – and always will be – incredibly proud of.

Self-improvement and growth

Like in healthcare, where learning never ends, we recognise that self-improvement is something which needs to happen for lasting growth. We care for one another and encourage professional and personal development. We challenge ourselves to grow and improve, so that we can exceed expectations.

Solution oriented, empowered and positive

We face challenges head-on. As an honest, positive and agile group of people, we collaborate to find solutions that work. We are continually testing and analysing, using our learnings to refine the Doctify platform so that it matches the needs of patients and healthcare providers across the globe.

Serious about security

We take the safety of patient and client data very seriously. It is a responsibility that we don’t take lightly. As a team, we act with honesty, integrity and the utmost professionalism, with every team member understanding their role in this shared responsibility.

The story behind our brand values

When we sat down to define our brand values, we knew that we wanted to show our authentic selves. Doctify isn’t just a company or a product, we are a group of passionate people working together to make a real difference in healthcare.

We looked closely at what existed organically within Doctify. The values had to epitomise what we are and what we want as our culture. They also needed to be concise and actionable, something that we could live and breathe. And finally, they had to encourage growth, as we all work together towards achieving our mission.

The values that we have chosen are a strong reflection of Doctify’s co-founders, Stephanie Eltz and Suman Saha. After working as surgeons, the pair were passionate about using digital innovation to improve the healthcare industry and the experiences of patients. Many of the positive values that they learnt and that they respected in colleagues when working in the NHS drove them to want to instil a similar dedication and caring philosophy at Doctify.

The spirit of Stephanie and Suman filters throughout Doctify. Our new brand values are a strong reflection of this shared ethos that exists amongst the team. They are also our blueprint for the future of Doctify, showing how we will be continuing to make a difference to global healthcare in the years to come.

“A brand is not just an opportunity to showcase your mission, vision and values. It’s personal – it’s a promise. It’s the mark you leave with each and every person who interacts with you. 

“Without getting too sappy, our brand values mean something to me. They inspire me and drive me to do better for our team and our customers every day. I see our values lived through the dedication of our team, even on the hard days. They’re meaningful and they make a difference. Life at Doctify is all about the people, the passion and the purpose.”

Jess Reeves, Head of People, Brand and Engagement