Our commitment to trust and transparency

Trust and transparency are incredibly important within healthcare. 

A patient should be able to research, compare and find specialists that they feel comfortable booking appointments with. And, healthcare professionals, practices and hospital chains should have access to the data that they need to fully understand their patients’ experiences and deliver the right improvements to their care. 

At Doctify, we are committed to adding this trust and transparency into healthcare. As we use our technology to amplify the voices of patients, we want you to be able to have complete confidence in our team, our platform and the feedback that we publish.

Our trust ambassadors

Doctify’s trust ambassadors are passionate about initiating positive change within healthcare. They each play an important role in shining a light on the necessity of trust and transparency within the sector. They steer the Doctify team in the right direction, ensuring that we are always looking to add value through our platform and ultimately improve the patient experience.

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We will always be open and honest about how we collect and publish reviews

With trust and transparency at the heart of everything we do, we will always be open about how we gather and publish patient feedback.

We collect reviews for professionals, practices and hospitals who have signed up with Doctify. All feedback remains anonymous. And when submitted, it is verified and thoroughly checked. We only ever publish reviews that adhere to our acceptable use guidelines.

Our review FAQs page contains more information on how Doctify reviews are collected and published. We also answer the questions that we are most commonly asked, giving you full visibility of how our platform works.

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We have zero tolerance for fake, fraudulent or misleading reviews

We want to show you real experiences from real people. As such, we use a closed review system to protect us against the submission of fake reviews. We also have a strict verification process to ensure that we only display genuine feedback. When we receive reviews that fall outside of our acceptable use policy, they do not get published. 

These processes are in place so that we can remain fair and consistent in our approach. We also continually look to strengthen our anti-fraud software, policies and procedures to ensure that our platfom remains free from fraudulent reviews.

Read our review rules and guidelines

We never delete feedback just because it is negative

Every review – good or bad – is important. We will never delete a review simply because it is negative. Every voice is important and every experience needs to be heard.

Reviews can be flagged or reported if it is believed that they go against our acceptable use policy. Our clinical governance committee then examine all flagged reviews on a monthly basis to determine what should be removed from our platform, and what should remain public.

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Our mission for the future

So far, Doctify has helped over fifty million patients and close to 25,000 healthcare providers across the UK, Austria, Germany, UAE and Australia. And we aren’t stopping there. We want to continue growing and expanding so that we can add further trust and transparency across healthcare.

By 2025, we want Doctify technology to have helped 100 million patients access the best specialists. And, we want to have supported healthcare providers across the world in their delivery of patient-centric care.

As we move forward on this journey, our focus will never change and our passion will never diminish. Doctify will always be dedicated to providing you with a healthcare review platform that you can have complete confidence in.