Doctify’s Suman Saha honoured in Leading Asian Tech Pioneers

Doctify is pleased to announce that our co-founder and medical director Suman Saha has placed within the top 20 of Britain’s leading Asian Tech Pioneers

Chosen by a panel of peers, the list is a celebration of diversity in the digital sector, focusing on those who are using disruptive technologies and innovation to better both business and society.

How Suman, Stephanie and the Doctify team are pioneering in healthcare

Suman and Stephanie – the co-founders of Doctify – are using technology to transform the healthcare industry. As doctors who have worked as orthopaedic surgeons within the NHS, they feel passionately about reflecting care in a representative way and supporting the delivery of patient-centric care. They also believe in the importance of giving patients a voice. And, both want to empower those needing healthcare to be able to find and access the very best care. 

Since launching, Doctify has been able to add real trust and transparency to healthcare. Healthcare providers now have better access to the meaningful feedback that they need to understand and improve upon the experiences of their patients. And, by giving patients a voice so that they can share these experiences, Doctify is helping others to find specialists that they feel confident in. 

Suman, Stephanie and the rest of Doctify are on a mission to become the first global healthcare review platform trusted by patients and providers everywhere. By 2025, the team wants Doctify technology to have helped 100 million patients access the best specialists. They also want to have supported healthcare providers across the world in collecting the valuable feedback that they need to deliver patient-centric care. 

To achieve this mission, Doctify is always looking for new ways to grow and evolve. The team works hard to ensure that healthcare providers and patients continue to get the most value that they possibly can from Doctify.

A message from Suman

Suman said “I am incredibly proud to have been placed within Britain’s list of leading Asian Tech Pioneers, amongst trailblazers who are introducing disruptive technologies that are having such a significant and positive impact on business and society. 

“In the current climate, it is also great to see healthtech represented within the list. There is so much opportunity now to use innovation and technology to drive faster meaningful changes in the sector. This will serve to further improve patient care around the world.”