Welcome to Doctify’s new London HQ

We want to welcome you to Doctify’s new London HQ.

When our team first went fully remote in March 2020, we quickly outgrew our previous office’s capacity. Over the last year and a half, we have had many new team members join, nearly tripling the global team, so we needed a new space. 

This gave us an opportunity to sit back and think. What would be the right environment for the UK arm of Doctify? The office would need to be inspirational, comfortable and a place for our team to thrive. We have twelve distinct teams and we want to provide each with the best environment for their style of working.

Finding our new office

When setting out to find Doctify’s permanent UK home, we had a checklist that went beyond form and function. We wanted to bring to life what working at Doctify is truly like. Dreaming up a space that physically embodied our unique ways of working and our collective soul was an incredibly exciting experience.

We held focus groups, had 1:1s with team members and sent out questionnaires, giving us a good understanding of what people wanted and needed. We also had a trial run in a co-working office. This allowed us to see how everyone worked in a space together, all doing their different day jobs.

Our new place had to reflect our company values: 

  • Collaboration – we needed plenty of meeting spaces to encourage discussion and idea generation. As a team, we always come up with our best ideas together, so wanted to make sure that the new office facilitated this.
  • Meaningful hard work – we wanted somewhere where people could think clearly. It had to be open to allow for collaboration but also have areas that allowed for deep thought, where people could easily knuckle down to work.
  • Self-improvement and growth – the space had to encourage personal and professional growth. It needed a combination of quiet zones where people could concentrate, and open spaces for wellbeing activities like yoga and exercise.
  • Serious about security – we run a tight ship when it comes to security. Our new space had to enable this to continue.
  • Trust and transparency – it needed to be a place where teams could work together side-by-side, with no separate offices hidden behind closed doors. At Doctify, we are all on a mission together, and we wanted our office to reflect this.

Once we found the perfect space, we carried out refurbishments so that it became an exciting and inspiring place to come to work. We painted murals, added plants, decorated breakout zones and fully equipped the kitchen and dining area. We even set up dog beds and watering stations for our four-legged furry friends. Rosie is our Chief People Pup who is focused on tummy rubs and all-team engagement. She is meeting 100% of her KPIs. 

We also created our very own exercise studio. We hold weekly wellness and sports sessions for the Doctify team and wanted to provide people with a space where they could get involved in the office. Our vision for the future is to have one of our sessions live streamed to the rest of our team across the globe from our sports studio in London.

One fun fact is that our Head of People, Brand and Engagement was carrying out a loft conversion at home while also leading our brand redesign and office build. Unbeknownst to her, she selected all Doctify brand palette colours to decorate her house. It was that leftover paint that we recycled to create our on-brand wall murals in the office. Now that’s living and breathing the Doctify way of life!

Our mission to recycle goes beyond wall colours and painting supplies. 95% of our office furniture and fittings are recycled and upcycled from preloved brands. We are committed to leaving the world a better place and reducing our footprint as much as possible. In fact, we have a mission to save 1 million trees by 2025. We have a committee within the company who are constantly working on innovative ideas to make us think and live green.

When setting up the office, we also worked to make it entirely COVID safe, so that people would feel safe and comfortable coming to work.

An office schedule was then created. Along with having a headquarters for the UK team, we wanted to give people the flexibility to continue working from home a few days a week if they wished. Remote working has shown us that a lot of our team enjoy flexibility in their working life. They want to be around their colleagues, but have the opportunity to get stuck into tasks in their own space when it is needed.

We also added hot desks to accommodate our full-time remote workers. A number of our UK team don’t live in London, so we wanted a base where they would feel comfortable working and meeting up with their colleagues.

Our offices around the world

Our brand new office in the UK joins our bases in Germany, Austria, Dubai, Australia and Croatia.

At Doctify, we are on a mission to become the healthcare review platform that patients and providers across the globe trust. Our team is the lifeblood of our company and culture, and they are the only way we will reach our ambitious mission. Providing them with a place to grow, discover and thrive in their careers is yet another small step towards achieving the Doctify mission of improving patient care throughout the world.

We’re hiring across all of our teams in London, Berlin, Munich, Dubai, and Vienna. Get in touch to discuss the roles that are currently available for people wanting to join our incredible team.